Sunday, 20 March 2016

The All Encompassing....

Well, we have been through various topics these past few blogs, but as Good Friday comes by, the mind lingers onto the cross more than usual. Why? Cos you will hear the elders of the church constantly talking about it, the bible study groups also would concentrate and link everything to it and then your Christian friends who observe the lent. The cross should always be on your mind but during these days we tend to link it to a lot more than our sins.

One particular thought was brought in today and I couldn’t help but write about it. So the portion is John 19:23-26. We have 4 soldiers trying to divide the garment, the 4 women and Apostle John himself. These 3 groups of people are standing around the cross where the Lord Jesus is still hanging, taking his last few painful breaths. What proceeds form there is an entirely different topic to talk on but the 3 groups of people is what catches your attention. 

The 3 groups.... around the cross.....

This in a way signifies 3 sets of people

1.       The soldiers – The group of people who need the cross and are unaware of the saving grace. But the Lord Jesus Christ died for them too. They need to keep aside their ignorance and know this.

2.       The women – The weaker section of the society. The cross is for all those who are weak and heavy laden. It calls to all of them who are burdened, for they will find rest and peace. It calls out to those who cannot fight for themselves for the Lord fights battles, nay, battles and war for them. These are the people who are always on the victory stand because their hope is the cross.

3.       The apostle - The ones who spread the ‘Good news’. They are taught by the Holy Spirit into bringing everyone in the knowledge of what the Lord has done and has promised for them. They stand for the elders and the teachers of at our churches.

This right about summarizes everybody. I fall in the second group, not because I am a woman but because I know I am weak and I lean on to the Lord to fight for me, cos I submit everything to Him to take care of, cos I want to be free of worries. You too I am sure come in one of these categories. Which one is it? Feel free to share.

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