Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Disease and the Cure

For those of us who are believers we can second this true fact, that despite the latest invention and discoveries in science and technology no human, so far has been able to cure one disease. What is this kind of disease you might ask? The disease is headlined... SIN. This is like a huge set and therefore has various subsets, the subsets being the different kinds of sin. As humans we sin as it is in our nature.

So, do all of us suffer from this disease? Yes, of-course.


Well that is the best part. The cure for sin was prophesied by God the Father centuries ago and was proclaimed through the prophets and it finally came to pass when the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on the Cross of Calvary for our sins. Since death couldn’t hold him, he rose again the third day. He became the perfect sacrifice or medicine for our Sin, thus making us sinless and righteous. We are made righteous and have come to receive the free gift of salvation when we acknowledge this fact!

For those who haven’t received the Lord Jesus as their personal saviour and do realise that they too suffer from sin, know that a remedy was developed and no one has been able to come up with any better way to take the burden of sin off our shoulders. Accept the LORD before it is too late and know the saving grace. My experience after accepting the LORD as my personal Saviour was an intense feeling of relief and an assured hope that I am in safe hands with a future of eternal life in heaven. Have you accepted the LORD???? What was your experience??? 

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