Sunday, 21 August 2016

My Purpose

For those of us who wonder their importance and purpose in life and come up with questions like “why am I here?”And “what is my purpose in life?” the Bible has a simple answer to all this. You might take this as the conclusion or the final word to it all when it comes to what the Holy Scripture has to say about this. It is not a big huge monologue or a bunch or pages or a page or half a page even. You’d be surprised to see how small a conclusion like this could be. To top it all it was written by none other than King Solomon the Wise. He says in the book of Ecclesiastes 12:13-“ Fear God and Keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man”.

Notice the two things mentioned here, firstly, fear the Lord and secondly to obey the commands. Most times in life, we fail to observe either of them. Before doing something or falling into the traps of temptation we don’t realize how much more precious is the love of God and fearing him and the delight that we have in obeying his commands. Rather we decide to go in for the temporary joys of temptation and bear a lifetime of regret!

This Sunday, today, I realised this. How much more I should value His love and how much more I should value Him. We sometimes take the cross and the sacrifice made on it way too lightly. But I know today that like I please my own father by respecting him and obeying him, I would be bringing joy and fulfilling my purpose by fearing the Lord, the Master Creator, and by obeying his commandments. This was a reminder to me...... was it for you too??