Thursday, 9 April 2015

To be one’s shoes………

He loved us so much that  He came down to be in our shoes and........... he sacrificed himself for us. That is love!!!

Often enough while grieving over our problems and comparing ourselves to others we say, “They do not know our problems. They would only understand when they stand in our shoes.” Thus the moping continues. Little do we realise that we believers have a far greater proof and an example of one who has been in our shoes.

Our loving Lord Jesus Christ did that for us. Leaving all the heavenly and princely powers and glory, he came down to earth and for three and thirty years stood in our shoes and proved that there are things beyond the worldly displeasures and pain...... an eternal joyous life. By being homeless he stood in the shoes of the homeless. By being disgraced, mocked and scorned by relatives and neighbours alike He stood in the shoes of those who endure the same. By being poor he stood in the shoes of the poor and by being doubted and distrusted he stood in the shoes of the many who bear this daily.

Our saviour, Jesus Christ proved how it was to be in other’s shoes. In fact he proved it to such an extent that even though he was faultless, blameless and sinless he stood in the shoes of a sinner and for 3 difficult hours was even banished from the presence of the heavenly father. He stood in our (sinner’s) shoes and took the penalty on himself. To have a saviour who has experienced how to be like us is a wonderful gift for a believer. Think it over, who else has done so much for you? He went through everything that a believer would go through, be it pain, suffering, mocks, scorns or even the burden of sin. That is why he understands us the best and tells us to take all our burdens and grief and submit it at the cross of Calvary.

Because he understands he becomes the best mediator between us and God the Father. The word of God says that we must consistently try to transform ourselves to be like Jesus. One would say it is too difficult to be done but if we think again……. Not as hard when we have the help of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

In between the mocking and scorns our Jesus remained quiet. Why don’t we become quiet and submit every problem in the LORD’s hands instead of taking our decisions on our own. When would we begin trusting him?

Each day and every step of your life submit to the LORD and ask him for his guidance, that in everything He is glorified.