Saturday, 19 April 2014

Giving and Tithing

A few Sundays back I heard a message on tithing and the different emotions behind giving. I think it is very significant that we realise the importance of giving and practise in our daily lives and improve ourselves.
The origin of tithe we would all say starts in the New Testament days, but not so. The practise of giving and tithing starts way back in the days of Abraham.

There are different expressions to giving-
  1.     .     Genesis 14 cites the example of Abraham giving a tenth of the loot after the war to Melchizedek. This can be categorized as an act of worship.
  2.     .     Genesis 28 is the part where Jacob makes a promise to the LORD that if the LORD takes care of him he would give a tenth back. This expression can be categorised as an expression of thanks. Since Jacob would be expressing his thanks to the Lord in the form of tithe if the Lord would take care of him.
  3.     .    The third type of tithe is mentioned in Malachi 3 which states to rebuke the devourer
  4.     .     This type of tithing is mentioned in 1 Corinthians and is an expression of regular discipleship

Giving brings immense joy to the giver. It makes us realise that we are the epicentre of God’s plan. That also gives us an assurance that everything would be perfectly alright because God is in control and they have no dearth for anything at all because the LORD is the greatest giver.

Another thing that is important to know is that giving is not an option, it is a requirement. We cannot take pride in it (like we usually do) nor do we have the luxury to encourage a feeling of self righteousness. We give not with the expectation of a return, but because of a feeling of gratitude.

Besides, Malachi 1:6 says that choosing the right gift it is an attitude of worship to our LORD. It is giving the LORD the ‘honour due to him’, and the LORD loves a cheerful giver. As a giver you must pray and ask the LORD where all should you be giving. You also should know that whatever you are giving, .monetary funds or giving in kind should be used well. This also means that we shouldn’t publicise the giving. It is not how much we give, but what we give and the emotion involved while we are giving that makes all the difference.

Having said all of that, you must ask this to yourself, “When I give to the LORD, do I give the best to Him or the rest to Him?”