Sunday, 30 March 2014

Temptations and Desires

The fine line between temptation and desire

You know, last Sunday we were having a small discussion on James 1:12-18 which talks about trials, temptations and blessings. Verses 13-15 specifically talks about temptation. I learnt something new that day. I probably think I would need to study more on this. Anyway ……..

Trials can be defined as a formal test of performance. Trials are allowed by the LORD. Trials test our faith and trust in the Lord. Temptation on the other hand is a tendency that the Bible usually relates to something that is negative. Temptation leads us to the wrong path. The Bible clearly says that the LORD does not tempt us, then, what would one say of desire? Doesn’t desire also lead us to do wrong things? Desire need not always be bad. For example, the desire to proclaim the word of the Lord isn’t bad. Hence desire (although used in parallel with temptation in our daily language) is not temptation at all. Although I cannot deny that certain evil desires transform into temptation and are of no good at all, like James says in verse 14.

Having said all that, I had a major doubt. Why don’t you too give it a thought? Doesn’t the magnitude of desire and temptation vary from person to person? The answer to this would be, that the believer who has the Word of the Lord engraved in his heart would scare the devil off (Psalm 119:11) and for such people the magnitude of temptation is less. It is a relative degree.

If we were to mathematically say, we can put it this way, the magnitude of resistance to temptation is directly proportional to the hold we have on the Word of the LORD and how much we are close to Him. It isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, practise and a lot of faith to reach a level where Satan flees your presence. Being a hard core believer means that Satan finds it really tough to break your shell. That naturally includes a lot of trials because that is when your command over the Scriptures and your trust is put to the test. Like the gold being melted to purity in intense heat.

Thus, it is really important that though our daily lives are a very tight package of submissions, assignments, even talking to people can be a task (especially when it comes to people whom you know you might end up having an argument or your own authorities for that matter), we must spare time for the LORD.  This time can be used to talk our weaknesses out to Him and can also include overcoming temptations. We spend so much of our time having conversations with so many people. The question we have to ask ourselves is that can’t we spare a few minutes to have a conversation with God?

Today what would be more important you…….. Keeping the word of the LORD and the commands mentioned there in, in your heart? Or…… being an easy prey for Satan? Eh?

I’m sure, definitely not the second one.

The way I see it, I have a lot of work to do in this area. Do you?

How Great is Our GOD!

A Still taken from the video by Joshua Aaron

How Great is Our GOD

“ How great is our God,
Sing with me how great is our God.
And all will see how great, how great is Our God
My heart will sing how great, is our God………..
I am certain that most of you have heard this song, in case you haven’t please go ahead and listen to it!!
I was listening to the Hebrew version of this song the other day. I must say, no language can hide the beauty and meaning of this wonderfully composed song. I am not too great with history, although I must attest that curiosity has been my weakness always.

Some might find it stupid because I am guessing that they already knew, but I decided to dig more about the song. It was originally composed by Chris Tomlin during his stay in Austin. Texas and the Psalm that inspired him to write this song was Psalm 104 of the Holy Bible. Ed Cash and Jesse Reeves helped him to finish the song as we know it today.

This song tells us about the greatness and splendour of the LORD. His name is above all names, He is the king of all Kings and he rules with majesty and power. He has shown His love for us by sending his Son Jesus Christ, to die for our sins on the cross of Calvary. Since death couldn’t contain him, He rose again on the third day. This sacrifice for us, made the unworthy us, worthy to be called His children. We feel so proud when we are called our parents children because it is a different feeling when we are recognised that way. Imagine the privilege all those people hold who have believed this fact and are now known as the children of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This song literally proclaims the wonders and beauty and most importantly greatness of Our GOD so much so, that anyone would sing this over and over again. Because the penalty has been paid for all the wrongs done and the hearts cannot hold it anymore creation joins with all of us in singing this amazing song.

Truly how great is our God!